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Gilberto Laia is the founder of GMV Envios and has an 11-year history in the import market.

At the invitation of Marcio Freitas, Vice President of Operations at Home Delivery, he founded GMV in May 2020. Currently, GMV is a market leader in shipments to Brazil, serving Forwarding Services, Personal Shoppers, Amazon Sellers, and E-commerce

Our company

Our Difference


No charge for volumetric weight. You pay only for what you send, without surprises or hidden fees.


Partnership with UPS and FedEx. Daily pickups, fair prices, and efficient shipping for all your needs.


Option to consolidate orders into a larger box. Optimization and cost savings in shipping.

Flexible Shipping

A variety of shipping options: Standard, Prime, USPS, and Currier. We tailor to your needs and preferences.

Why We Are Your Best Choice

Robust Infrastructure

Home DeliveryBR's 21,000 m² warehouse regulated by the TSA. Space and security for your shipments are guaranteed.

Autonomy in the Process

Exclusive account for creating your shipping labels on our website. Total control over labeling and tracking.

Efficiency in Dispatch

Optimized system for quick loading. Your boxes arrive ready for shipping.

Unparalleled Experience

The only carrier where the founder has been a Forwarding Service.

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